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our story

welcome to the heart of the arts...

Welcome to the home of Milford Arts Council. Or as we like to call ourselves - the MAC. We are a non-profit 501c3 visual and performing arts organization located in Milford, CT. As the "heart of the arts," we infuse life into our community every day. We believe we're a vital part of the community and part of the reason why our "little city" has such a "big heart." 

We're on a MISSION to provide audiences, students, and artists with opportunities and experiences in the arts that enlighten, enrich, and entertain Milford, CT and beyond. Our VISION is to see creativity happening everywhere, making Milford a thriving destination community of arts and culture. Through our mission and vision, we know that we are helping our "little city with the big heart" THRIVE! Collectively, the arts help all communities/all people to do the same.

we help our community to thrive by:

  • attracting the best and brightest to us

  • improving community well-being

  • offering space for community conversation

  • expanding creative idea generation and problem-solving

  • transforming and growing people and places

  • empowering and giving voice to the voiceless

  • providing meaning and impact to people's lives

  • driving the economy!

    • $176 Billion (that's BILLION!) in economic activity

    • $764 Billion to GDP

    • 4.9 Million Jobs

about us

artist: Jeff Healy

artist: Jeff Healy

Known as "the sweetest little venue along the Connecticut shoreline," the MAC welcomes over 12,000 patrons, visitors, and audience members to the Downtown and Walnut Beach business districts with over 250 events per year while engaging over 800 performers and artists.

The MAC's main venue and home to staff is at 40 Railroad Avenue South in downtown Milford, residing inside an historic Civil War-era train station. The MAC offers a beautiful theatre with superior acoustics, intimate seating for up to 110 in theater or cabaret-style configuration, a projection theater system with a 10X20’ drop screen, exhibition area, classroom, offices, kitchenette and a Speakeasy Lounge for concessions.

It's so convenient to pop into the MAC any time. We are easily accessible by car, bus, rail, or even boat! Plenty of parking for cars, busses come right into downtown Milford, we are the closest stop on the Metro North rail because we ARE the train station, and Milford Harbor is right down the block. 

Milford Arts Council also oversees the Firehouse Gallery in Walnut Beach. The gallery opened in 2002 and offers a bright exhibition space for themed shows, visiting artists, BYOB Paint-Ins, a writing group, arts guilds, workshops, demonstrations, and more. The gallery is surrounded by a vibrant arts and business district and it's only two blocks from the Long Island Sound.

The MAC partners with and supports other non-profit and service organizations through various events and programs, providing space and support through the arts. The MAC is an active member of the Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Milford and Walnut Beach business associations, and regularly partners with the City of Milford.



The Milford Arts Council (d.b.a. 2012) was founded in 1971 when a variety of clubs and groups came together as the Milford Fine Arts Council. They originally met in the Mary Taylor building on Broad Street, now home to the Milford Chamber of Commerce. In 1984 the decision was made to find a more permanent home for the performances, exhibitions, classes and theater that were scattered throughout the city of Milford. The abandoned eastbound train station was selected as a perfect location, and after years of fundraising and extensive renovations, the MAC opened its doors in 1995. Recently renovated in 2017 with a grant from the State called Good to Great, the MAC is now on the National Historic Register. Today, Milford Arts Council is known simply as THE MAC - the community hub for for tens of thousands of people from Milford and beyond. We celebrate 50 YEARS in 2021. We hope you'll hop on board and join us as we ramp up for this huge milestone celebration. 

Be sure to follow us on facebook and instagram for the most up-to-date information.

strategic plan & bylaws

permanent art collection





PAIGE MIGLIO, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR  executivedirector@milfordarts.org



RICHARD STEPHEN, BUSINESS MANAGER  businessmanager@milfordarts.org



LORIE LEWIS, MARKETING DIRECTOR  marketingdirector@milfordarts.org



KARI CANDELORA  membership@milfordarts.org




board of directors


chairperson, doug jones


Secretary, elena garet


Treasurer, abel alvarez


City Alderman Representatives

Frank Smith | fsmith@ci.milford.ct.us

Connie Gaynor | connie.c.gaynor@gmail.com



Members at Large

Marcia Winter | mcbwinter@att.net

Rachael Murphy | ramurphy@milforded.org

Joseph Weathered | jweathered5@gmail.com

Joe Mager | jjm3@magerlaw.net

Karen Pasacreta | kpasacreta@gmail.com

Lee Rumley | l.rumley9@gmail.com 

Tyra Dellacroce | tyra@connecticutstone.com

Board Meetings are every second Monday of the month at 6:30pm at the MAC, 40 Railroad Avenue, Milford CT

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Open Mic Nites

Dolores Hannon

Sandy Morgan


Judy Kennedy

Connie Arcobello


Dewey Forbes, Strategy-1st

Endowment Committee

Alice Oliver, Chair

Members: Tyra Dellacroce, Jackie Munk, Emily Plude, Marcia Winter, Paige Miglio

Visual Arts

Marianne Holtermann

Danielle Lambariello

Firehouse Art Gallery

John Paul O'Grodnick


Grace Valentine

New England Guitar Society

James Baird

Cem Duruöz

Eastbound Theatre

Nancy A. Herman



We'd like to thank everyone who has made it possible to bring quality arts experiences and opportunities to Milford, CT. The generosity of the following sponsors helps us to live into our mission and vision every day.

Thank you for helping us to remain  the "heart of the arts."

Together, we see creativity happening everywhere in our "little city with a big heart." 

Together, we make Milford, CT a thriving destination of arts and culture.

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