bodyART® with maria cherniske

Back by popular demand! Maria Cherniske will present a workshop and class in bodyART® on the morning of Saturday, September 28th. Join us at 8:45AM… meet at the MAC 40 Railroad Ave, but if it’s a nice day, we may take it to the Green!

Of course, we LOVE this training system - it's art! So, we want to share it with the community and help you shake up your Fall workout strategy. Awarded as ‘Best International Concept’ by ECA OBOW awards in New York City, bodyART® is being hailed as the most progressive and effective fitness modality in the world.

bodyArt is a functional movement training system designed by Robert Steinbacher that balances your strength, flexibility and mental concentration. All bodyART® classes are performed barefoot with your body as your only equipment, and use breathing techniques to enhance your performance.

bodyART® Level 1 Original is based on the principles of Yin and Yang and the Five Elements of Chinese Philosophy. It is a functional, total body workout that combines strength, flexibility, cardio and breathing.

Classes consist of exercises unique to bodyART® as well movement inspired by martial arts, yoga, physical therapy and classical conditioning. The result is a familiar and transformative experience for participants of all ages and fitness levels.