low strung

March 29

Low Strung is a group of classically trained cellists from Yale University who make up the largest all-cello all-rock band in the world.

The group transforms classics of the rock, pop, metal, and blues genres into pieces designed exclusively for the cello. The final product is something that cannot be found anywhere else: music that bursts with the excitement of rock but is executed with the thundering bass and butter-smooth treble of the cello.

Their constantly-expanding repertoire spans the gamut from the 1960's to today, from The Who and Led Zeppelin to Lady Gaga and Beyoncé. The sweeping arrangements are also opportunities for unlikely musical encounters such as J.S. Bach meets Amy Winehouse and Beethoven meets The Eagles.

Not to be missed!

Doors open 7:30pm so you can relax around a candlelit table and enjoy a cocktail or two.

BYOEEE - Bring Your Own Everything Except the Entertainment. Concessions available in our Speakeasy Lounge as well.

We present this performance with so much gratitude to Berchem Moses PC for sponsoring our MAC live series and The Meisenheimer Foundation


sponsored by the Meisenheimer Foundation, Inc.