William Meddick Permanent Art Collection 

The Milford Arts Council has a history of purchasing works of art for the Permanent Art Collection, selected by jurors from exhibits it sponsored annually. Other works have been donated to the City of Milford or to the Milford Arts Council. Today the Collection consists of some 200 works that are on view at the Parsons Government Complex, City Hall and at the Center for the Arts.

In 2012, the Collection was named in honor of William Meddick, Executive Director of the Milford Arts Center for over 30 years, who inaugurated the Collection and is responsible for its breadth and depth. Marion Morra is curator of the Collection.

Murals created during the early 20th Century can be viewed at Parsons Complex, Fannie Beach in Woodmont and at the Naugatuck Avenue Church. The Council is presently gearing up to restore murals that were created during the WPA project and had at one time been housed in the old Central Grammar School.


Wendell Phillips Austin


Cornelia Van Horn


William Meddick



Stanley F. Kenna


Wilfred Loring


Bill Ely



Arthur Linette