strategic plan & bylaws

Updated by Board of Directors on April 11th, 2015


“The Milford Arts Council shall support and foster artistic, cultural and educational opportunities for the benefit of the Greater Milford Community through the creation of environments and programs for artists to work and present; as well as encourage the promotion, development, acceptance and appreciation of the Arts.”



  • MAC provides opportunities for people of all ages and backgrounds to gather in community to experience arts, cultural and literary events and education. MAC helps developing and established artists connect with each other and with audiences. MAC programs enhance the region’s quality of life with access to visual and performing artists, writers, community events, festivals and instruction.
  • MAC cultural facilities and programs aim to help Milford grow and remain vital and prosperous as part of the City’s economic and community development strategies. MAC attracts tourists, business travelers and potential residents to cultural and educational programs that enhance their stay in Milford.
  • The Council will continue to strive to promote artistic appreciation and expression through its facilities at the Center for the Arts, Firehouse Art Gallery and other public venues (Milford Green, Walnut Beach, etc)
  • The Council functions within the guidelines of Section 501© (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The Council shall remain non-profit, non-sectarian and non-discriminatory.



  1. MAC Capacity: Strengthen, develop and foster leadership with the BOD, governing leadership, staff and volunteers through community support, increased membership and funding to fulfill our mission.
  2. Community Building: Involve citizens and visitors in cultural events and celebrations while investing in business and community partnerships to strengthen Milford’s quality of life and prosperity.
  3. Cultural and Educational Programming: Continually develop artistic experience, appreciation and expression through cultural and educational activities that appeal to people of all ages and backgrounds in the Greater Milford Community.

Facility: Maintain, invest and develop all facilities to provide safe and appealing environments for all activities, patrons, artists and performers.

Milford Arts Council Objectives, Actions and Projections      

GOAL 1: MAC Capacity: Strengthen capacity by developing and fostering leadership, community support, increased membership and funding to fulfill our mission.


  1. Continued review of business plan with plan to add hours of operation to ensure present and future operations
  2. BOD will continue to govern with effective BOD recruitment, orientation, integration, planning, policies, fundraising & financial management
  3. BOD, ED, Membership Committee and staff will work to increase membership and volunteer opportunities and appreciation
  4. BOD, ED and staff will maintain and strengthen active partnership with the City of Milford to sustain municipal funding

BOD, ED and staff will seek and develop funding relationships with foundation and corporate grantors and investors at the local, State and Federal level

What will success look like?      1. Increased staff hours with benefits (*2016) Hours are Wed-Fri. 9:30-5:00

  1. Saturday Gallery hours at the Center for monthly art shows and daily programming at both facilities
  2. Recruitment of new BOD and committee chairs, BOD-organized and chaired fundraisers

(Measurable and intangible      4. Acknowledgment and appreciation of volunteers and leaders within the BOD, staff and committees

outcomes)                               5. Partnered promotion of MAC and the City of Milford participating in city planning and development


  1. Continued municipal funding, while developing outside support and investment
  2. Strengthened relationships and multiple Grants sought and granted from local, State and Federal


  1. Local, committed and strong connections with businesses and fellow local non-profits to better

position Grant proposals and sponsorships


Actions & Outcomes                 1. Expanded Office hours to include Tuesday (through Friday)

achieved                                 2. Trials were unsuccessful; revisit possibilities

  1. Board still needs major development (ongoing)/researching merger with Trustees/Kentucky Derby

reviewed and art festival overhauled as MAC FEST (*promoted through River Street Wednesdays)

  1. Budget line-item created: Marketing/Development to include membership & volunteers appreciation
  2. Partnership with Milford DECD very strong, multiple projects were partnered on: platform photos,

train trestle mural and River Street Wednesdays among successes.

  1. City of Milford Grant for $67,500.00; Milford Bank, Tri-City and five business investors (ongoing)
  2. Supporting Arts in Place CT Culture & Tourism Grant submitted (*yearly)/Review of discovered past

grants still outstanding for end-reports. New grant from CFGNH for MAC FEST proposed

  1. Regular attendance at Chamber After-Hours for networking. Strong partnerships with Library, Histori

cal Society, Education Foundation… other non-profits/benefit events: WPKN, Maren Sanchez

Memorial Fund, BRIDGES, MEPI.  Presentations at Milford and Devon Rotary (ongoing)

9 (other). NEW membership drive scheduled for March 2014 (happened, no strong outcome)

Ongoing                                1. All above actions

GOAL 2: Community Development: Involve greater community in cultural events and celebrations while investing in business and community

partnerships to enrich Milford’s quality of life.


  1. Review and implement our cultural/strategic plan
  2. Strengthen Volunteer base and leadership
  3. Work with the City, State and Regional tourism commission to develop better visibility of MAC’s cultural and educational programming

while jointly promoting downtown and City businesses to tourists, business travelers, new families and businesses

  1. Create and participate in community programs
  2. What will success look like?           1. Cultural events and educational programs coordinate with local events and school curriculum
    1. Cultural events and educational programming combine efforts (ex: Master Classes)
    2. Increase volunteer base; while reaching out to community groups for new and diverse members
    3. Collaborative promotion of City and the Arts highlighting Downtown and Walnut Beach areas
    4. Promotion along the Shoreline and train
    5. Continued update and advancement of website, communications with area Arts Councils,

    groups and accessible marketing/promotional tools to tourists, visitors and community

    1. Revamped N.E. Arts & Crafts Festival to showcase MAC mission and tag-line; “be a part of art”
    2. Continued involvement in community programs such as: Pirate Day, Walnut Beach Day, host of

    FREE Lisman Holiday Concert at City Hall, Doors of Milford

    1. Involvement in NEW community programs and events


    Actions and Outcomes                  1. MAC FEST will be promoted thru City’s River Street Wednesdays, which also coordinate with

    (New) Open Mic/Food Truck series. Student Art Show coordinates w/City student show. (ongoing)

    1. (ongoing)
    2. (ongoing) Needs new leadership, developing as a paid part-time position (*2016)
    3. Provided a “flash-mob” dance performance at Walnut Beach Day (completed) *See #1 for

    downtown area

    1. Small playbill on train platform available to MAC
    2. NEW website, NEW logo, NEW promotional calendar “at-a-glance” brochure (completed)
    3. NEACF revamped as MAC FEST, community partners (*see Goal 1, #8) on committee
    4. (ongoing)
    5. (ongoing & successful) **including Milford’s 375th Anniversary Ongoing                                    1. Updates to website
      1. Development of sale merchandise and other promotional items
      2. Partnership with Economic and Community Development Director for community Grant projects,

      mutual promotion

        1. Research local billboards and new means of promotion

      GOAL 3: Cultural and Educational Programming: Continually develop artistic experience, appreciation and expression through cultural and educational activities that appeal to people of all ages and backgrounds in the Greater Milford CommunityObjectives:

          1. Develop structured and regularly scheduled classes for adults and children
          2. Manage and coordinate existing Committees to develop educational opportunities within scheduled programming
          3. Introduce and cultivate more diversity in programming and experiences

      Annually assess active committees and programming to ensure broad base appeal, viability and financial soundness

      What will success look like?          1. Structured and regular educational program offerings:

      – daytime “baby-and-me” class in music /arts (attempted)

      – daytime Adult classes in the Arts 2-3 times a week at Firehouse Gallery

      – daytime Adult class in the Arts once a week at the Center (achieved)

      – after-school Student classes in the Arts 2-3 times a week at Firehouse Gallery (attempted)

      1. Shared events or themes from program committee to program committee (discussion continued)
      2. NEGS “Master Class” model to extend to other performance programming (discussion continued)
      3. NEW programs reflecting diverse ethnicities, backgrounds and interests (discussion continued)
      4. Partnerships with fellow non-profit groups and local schools to incorporate missions and curriculum
      5. Assessments and follow-up reports on programs and events
      6. Occasional exit polls, on-line surveys, open dialogue with public, City and partners
      7. Partnering with outside performance groups for “residency”, garnering rental and administration


      Actions and Outcomes                 1. Formed NEW “Educational Services” committee (disbanded) Outcomes achieved by individuals:

      BYOB Paint-in!, adult oil painting/plein air class, 3 week-long summer art camp—all NEW

      Provided and after-school dance program and workshop with NYC Dance troupe made possi

      ble by a Grant from the Community Foundation of Greater New Haven; (completed)

      2&3. Opened discussions with all committees to extend educational/”Master Classes” or “ Conversa

      tions with the Artist” and to share events and themes (ongoing)

      1. (ongoing)
      2. Partnership with Milford Education Foundation on “Chair-ity Event” fundraiser, joining MAC FEST

      committee, planning future joint events to bring the Arts into families lives

      6&7. (ongoing)

      1. Local theater troupe, Pantochino has signed to present 2015/2016 season at MAC, they also run

      our very successful Kids Theater Camp (*added fifth week) *ADDED NIA dance and movement

      classes 4-days/week

      Ongoing                                   1. Research and implement on-line ticket sales (URGENTLY needed, researching)

      1. Monthly committee meeting and semi-yearly BOD review; regular review of facility capacity and

      program budgets

      GOAL 4: Facility: Maintain and develop all facilities to provide a safe and appealing environment for all activities, staff, patrons, artists and performers.


      1. Invest in cultural facilities by creating line-item in yearly budget and allocating funds (DONE: $10,000)
      2. Form a “Facilities” committee to be available for minor repairs and maintenance and meet on an as-need basis to review and prioritize facility needs (done)
      3. Maintain apartment at Firehouse to be available to resident artists who also act as curator of Gallery space

      Active rental of spaces for positive revenue flow

      What will success look like?          1. Active and hands-on “Facility” committee

      1. Firehouse apartment residents regularly change to better communicate availability to the Com-

      munity (*1 year lease w/option of one year extension) (ongoing: stronger awareness and clar

      ity of opportunity)

      1. Rentals for corporate meetings and events, etc.
      2. Center for the Arts basement is renovated as viable space for classes and concessions use by

      committee programs and private events

      Actions and Outcomes                 1. Hired new Facility Manager with carpentry skills, tech experience, etc. Paired with young volun-

      teer and committee of knowledgeable contractors

      1. Apartment advertised, but little response. Likely will keep present tenants for 5th year.
      2. Rental fee for the Center has been increased. (rental success with major jump in revenue; also

      with monthly rental by NIA @ $4000+/year)

      1. Major repairs still needed; outside repairs completed first. Small Business replacement package of

      all mechanicals and lighting with UI/SCG/Tri-City partnership sought and completed.


      Ongoing                                    1. Regular walk-throughs and air-testing to check for clogged drains, lighting issues, basement

      clean-out, etc.

      1. Plan on hosting a Chamber After Hours in summer with Tri-City to present new systems and part-


      1. Review of contracts to performers and renters                      2017 AMENDED BYLAWS