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June 7 - 23

The MAC’s Eastbound Theatre announces the third show of its 25th season: the thriller, Wait Until Dark, by Frederick Knott, directed by Kevin Pelkey.

This complex and suspenseful play follows the story of Susy, a blind woman. Left alone in her apartment, Susy becomes embroiled with a group of conmen trying to steal a mysterious doll her husband brought back from his travels. As the tension mounts, Susy is left to fend for herself but with the phone line cut dead and the house plunged into darkness, can Susy outwit her murderous visitors?

Director Kevin Pelkey explains, “I like this play because of the suspense that it brings. It is edge-of-your-seat kind of drama, and will grip you all the way to the end. I also appreciate that the central female character of the play is strong and independent - despite her blindness she never quits. Susy is as relevant today as she was when the show was written.”

An English playwright and screenwriter, Frederick Knott is best known for his complex crime-related pieces, including Dial M for Murder, which was ultimately made into a film by Alfred Hitchcock. Although he wrote only three plays, his works have been produced and reproduced worldwide, and not only adapted for television and film, but presented in a myriad of different languages and cultural contexts.

The cast features Geoffrey Gilbert from Stratford, Wes Stover from Hamden, Herman Livingston from Bridgeport, Caroline Brody from Rye NY, Devin Murphy from Brookfield, and Casey Cilio from Fairfield.

Performances will run from June 7th through June 23rd, 2019.

For more information contact the Milford Arts Council at 203-878-6647

Friday and Saturday Performances at 8 pm. Cabaret Seating and BYOEEE - Bring Your Own Everything Except the Entertainment. Concessions available in our Speakeasy Lounge as well.

Sunday performances at 2pm theater row seating. Concessions available.